Domina Gina – Manchester Mistress – Intro

My aim is for every second you spend with me to be enjoyable for both of us. I watch you constantly. Feeling your reactions.  I have an awareness that you have never experienced before. I can read you. I know when you are enjoying the pain, and I know exactly how much pain you need. Both of us will enjoy every single  infliction of pain, whether it be from a cane, crop, needle, nipple clamp, or something else. Everything that happens to you in my presence will be immensely pleasurable.

Our relationship will be based on mutual understanding, appreciation and trust. My experience and skill are the driving force behind the pleasure that you will experience in a session. My ability to gauge your limits, prioritising them and understanding you needs, will unlock pleasures you never knew existed.

Everything I do is to a very high standard. My premises are well appointed and kept spotlessly clean. My equipment is expensive and of a very high quality. I make my own canes from the highest quality rattan, sourced from the Far East, carefully sanding them smooth.

Both male and female subs are welcome. A slave girl is also available.

I am totally discreet; your privacy is guaranteed. Your secret is safe with me.